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PHD & MBA Programs

Our MBA & PHD programs are available at the Elevator Brewing Restaurant at 161 N. High Street.

Masters of Beer Appreciation

Present this card whenever you sample the Elevator’s “Beer of the Month.” Twelve months from when you start, when your coursework is complete, you will receive a diploma and a free gift.

2016 MBA Beers
January Horny Goat V
February North Sea Baltic Porter
March IPA 2.0
April ObSession IPA
May Flying Hydrant Lite
June Citrus Agave IPA
July Bavarian Lager
August Yes Baby! ESB
September Oktoberfest
October Not Too Pumpkin Ale
November Winter Warmer
December Mocha Plum Stout

2015 MBA Beers
January Very Horny Goat 101
February 1st Batch IBA 110
March Mocha Plum Stout II 201
April 2nd Session IPA 220
May Fresh Hopped Kolsch 300
June Ice Cream Ale 321
July Lemongrass Wheat 401
August Original English IPA 420
September Carmapple Oktoberfest 500
October Pumpkin Pie Alamode 550
November Winter Warmer IX 601
December Barrel-Aged Barleywine 621

Masters of Beer Appreciation Elevator Brewing Co.

Professor of Hearty Drinking

Present this card to be punched whenever you sample one of Elevator’s monthly limited small batch beers. Twelve months from when you start, when your coursework is complete, you will receive a doctorate and a gift.

2016 PHD Beers
January Mocha Jive Stout
February English Mild
March Dry Irish Stout
April English Pub Ale
May India Brown Lager
June Equinox IPA
July TBD
August TBD
September TBD
October TBD
November TBD

2015 PHD Beers
January Smok’N Scotch Ale 101
February Chipotle Chocolate Porter 110
March Copycat Vienna Lager 201
April Peppercorn Rye IPA 220
May Helles Yes Maibock 300
June Strawberry Rhubarb Wheat 321
July Homebrew Winner 401
August Pinch Hit Pilsner 420
September Peanut Butter Porter 500
October Belgian Ambree Ale 550
November Raisin-Hell Doppelbock. 601
December Imperial Cherry Stout 621

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